Call for Submissions — Still Standing

The Storytellers Alliance presents:

A creative anthology of YOUR stories.
Real people. Real life.
Everyone has a story … what’s yours?

What’s Your Story is now accepting visual and literary submissions for: Still Standing

Take a moment to think about conflict. In storytelling, the conflict between two opposing forces is, essentially, what drives the narrative forward. Depending on when or where you went to school, you may have learned three main types of conflict: person vs. person; person vs. nature; and person vs. self. But what about conflicts outside of that, like person vs. society, technology, or the supernatural?

Each one of us has faced some form of adversity—that’s a given. What we do about the adversity we face is where our story lives.

The Storytellers Alliance wants to encourage you to keep creating and using expressive arts as a pathway to healing. Send us your best visual and literary stories of redemption and survival. Stories of overcoming challenges, discovering the unexpected, and finding strength within yourself to keep getting up after repeatedly getting knocked down.

Rise up—be the hero of your own story!

The Storytellers Alliance designed What’s Your Story as a platform to provide an opportunity for you to share your own voice and unique perspective through literary or visual storytelling.

These are YOUR stories, YOUR perspective, YOUR visions, and YOUR experiences.

Factors considered for publication will be adherence to guidelines, artistic originality, craftsmanship, and excellence. Submissions can be literary or visual works by emerging or established artists.

There is NO FEE to submit.

Guidelines for submission are as follows:

  • Include a brief (100 word max) personal bio
  • All written submissions must be 12pt font Times New Roman
  • poems & prayers (2-4 works)
  • prose (up to 1000 words)
  • art & photography (2-4 works, vertical orientation; include brief description of each piece)
  • Title each submission: Last Name_genre (essay, poem, CNF, prayer, etc)
    • NOTE: if submitting multiple items, add number (ex: Smith_poem_1, Smith_poem_2)

If selected, The Storytellers Alliance will craft an announcement for you to share across social media to direct your friends and family to view your published work on our website, followed with details on how to purchase a copy of the printed anthology. Selected contributors will receive one complimentary copy.

Author or Artist warrants that the submitted work has not been published before in any form, except as a preprint, that the work is not being concurrently submitted to and is not under consideration by another publisher, that the persons listed above are listed in the proper order and that no author or artist entitled to credit has been omitted, and generally that the Author or Artist has the right to make the permissions made to the Publisher complete and unencumbered. The Author or Artist also warrants that the work does not libel anyone, infringe anyone’s copyright, or otherwise violate anyone’s statutory or common law rights.

Authors and Artists reserve rights to submitted work, with implied permission given to The Storytellers Alliance to reserve first serial rights, which means the right to be the first publisher of your selected works, for use online or in print, as part of the community collaboration project Still Standing, and in the 2020-2021 What's Your Story Anthology. Following the printed publication of the anthology, all rights revert to the Author or Artist.

In any reproduction by the Author, Artist, or the licensees, the original publication by The Storytellers Alliance must include the following credit line: “First published in the 2020-2021 What’s Your Story Anthology [Still Standing], published by The Storytellers Alliance, LLC,” and must accompany all instances of replication, online or in print.

Email all submissions as attachments (word doc or JPEGs) with the subject [STILL STANDING], to:

Deadline: April 30, 2021

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